About us

The Online Community MOVE YOUR STUFF (MYS) was founded in November 2015. The MYS-platform enables its users to connect with one another and transport their bulky or fragile items within their own city.

The concept behind the idea is simple: A person wishing to transport an item creates a request on the MYS-platform. The request has to contain the desired price, measurements, desired date, point of departure and destination. The completed request can then be answered by another member who owns a car. After any open questions are discussed, both members can transport the item together.

MOVE YOUR STUFF enables members to transport objects like furniture cost-effectively within their own city. Furthermore, it gives people with cars or trucks the opportunity to earn some extra money.

The City of Berlin will serve as a staging ground for this project. MOVE YOUR STUFF Berlin is currently accessible at http://mys.berlin.